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It's only after I've stopped competing on tour, that I looked back and reflected on what I have achieved.

When you're playing at any level you are always looking forward. What areas of my game do I need to improve? Who do I need to help me? I don't feel like I was ever really satisfied and always kept pushing. Now I've sat back and chosen a different path, I do feel some comfort in my 18 years on tour,

I didn't achieve my full tour playing rights until the 2002 season - at that stage I was 29 years old.

Admittedly, I was reaching the point at which I thought maybe to consider other options, although I did feel there was progression, albeit slow. I feel my experience puts me in a unique position when it comes to coaching. I literally tried everything prior to getting on tour in terms of swing technique. Working with Matt Belsham and at times with Mac O’Grady, had a huge influence on me from 2001 onwards. I finally had a clear blueprint of what I needed to work towards in my game. I feel though all my coaches prior to that contributed to my development and knowledge as well. Even when playing on tour I enjoyed looking at why different styles were successful and gleaned an invaluable insight from coaches like Bob Torrance and Pete Cowan. This clarity and detail is where I know I can help golfers of any ability, and help them understand how certain alignments and positions match up in their swings.

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