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Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We are in an age where there is so much information and technology at our fingertips. In coaching there are launch monitors, force plates, 3D biomechanics, slow motion analysis and

putting analysis. Then online, you have thousands of swing tips at the click of a button. As worthy as most of this information is, it’s a wonder how anyone was good at golf prior to the year 2000.

I am not deriding technology and progression. In coaching I think this has hugely increased our understanding of ball flight and the traits of effective movement, and what drives that. I have used most of the current technology myself and nearly always found it helpful to my game.

The fundamentals of the swing haven’t changed. Quite often, the current technology identifies the effects and not the causes of the problems golfers have. You still need to understand why these faults are appearing in your game. As long we play with the ball on or close to the ground and we stand side on to the intended line of flight; nothing in the golf swing has ever, or will ever change.

The golf swing is a chain reaction. Your grip and body alignments at set up have a huge influence on the way the swing functions. To improve every golfer needs to understand the causes of their faults and likewise what keys help with their own actions. I feel confident with my knowledge and experience that I can help pupils understand what applies to them.

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